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Powering the next generation of millionaires.

$1.7M is the average amount Canadians say they need for financial freedom2, yet 75% of pre-retirees aged 55-65 have less than $100k saved3.

We’re changing the way the next gen builds wealth. Get on track for millions with Moka.

Outperformance built on facts. No BS.

Grounded in decades of data, behavioural science, and wisdom from legendary investors, Moka invests for you and helps cultivate stronger wealth-building behaviours for superior outcomes.
S&P 500 vs Average investor

Time-tested strategy, exponential outperformance.

Moka specializes in the most optimal approach to investing in the S&P 500, which has averaged a 10% annual return4 and outperformed 90% of managed funds6.

Power your wealth with behavioural science.

Inconsistency is the enemy of success. Moka utilizes behavioural science to help you take the necessary actions for financial excellence.

Unleash your potential.

Discover your potential wealth with your personalized wealth calculator. Adjust your contributions and targets at any time to take your wealth journey to the next level.

Game it.

Wealth building is a marathon, not a sprint. Moka amplifies the behaviours essential for growing your wealth with gamification and continuous motivation.

“No Gambling” zone.

With Moka, there’s no temptation to chase speculative investments or make impulsive decisions. Our design is focused solely on helping you build substantial wealth.

Your system for serious wealth.

From dollar-cost averaging to automated dividend reinvesting, high impact investing actions are built-in with Moka.

Not all about the money.

Who says you can’t get rich while making the world a better place? With over 300,000 trees already planted in Canadian forests devastated by wildfires, Moka makes it easy to build wealth while doing good.


Money can buy happiness.

92% of people agree that improving their finances has the biggest impact on happiness, more so than personal health, work, or relationships7.
Ranked as the number one stressor for Canadians8, enhancing our financial health has been proven to not only ease stress but also to boost happiness9. With Moka, you're on an exciting path to a more fulfilling today and a prosperous tomorrow.

Make your own pile.

$15 per month

Many investment services charge a sneaky percentage fee, which could cost you hundreds of thousands over time while underperforming. Moka introduces a revolutionary approach with a flat fee of $15/month, regardless of the value of your investments.

Strategy with proven track record

Behavioural science

Positive social impact

Revolutionary pricing

17,000+ 5-star app reviews

“This app has changed my life, no exaggeration.”

– Kerry P

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– Nathalie B

“Great app!! [it] has helped me save and invest throughout the past 3 years”

– Lionel F

Gain more control and peace of mind.

$1M + $1M coverage

Your TFSA and RRSP investments are CIPF-protected, with coverage up to $1,000,000 for all TFSAs plus an additional $1,000,000 for RRSPs. They are securely held by a member of the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization and are protected by the CIPF within specified limits. Learn more about CIPF coverage here.

Talk to a human, any time

Have questions? Reach out to speak with one of Moka's (human!) portfolio managers right in the app.

Leading security and privacy built-in

Moka safeguards your data with 256-bit encryption, secure SSL connections, and industry-leading security protocols. Rest assured, your information is never shared without your explicit consent.

Access your money any time

With Moka, you're never locked in. You can withdraw your money at any time, for free. Money would be in your bank account in the next business day.

Accounts that fit your goals

With your Moka account you can create Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), or Non-registered personal investment accounts for your investment goals.

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